Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s frosty snowball fight turns foot-poppin’ sexy Instagram/@faithhill

A band of snow just swept across the United States, leaving few untouched by its wintery coldness. From the Canadian border into Texas, the U.S.A. was frosted.

And while many folks north of Kentucky have had their fill of winter (don’t tell them there are two months left), in the south the snow meant no school for most, no work for many and no milk, bread or eggs on the grocery store shelves for some.

For Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, however, the below-freezing temperatures in Nashville meant some frosty fun.

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Obviously back from their island vacation, Faith shared a boomerang of herself and her handsome husband involved in what looks to be an intense snowball fight with super-sized ammunition.

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Snowball fight… It’s on!!!!!!!

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Of course, the best way to warm up when the mercury falls so low is to share body heat, so after the battle was over and the powder settled, and after one of the two surrendered, there was that so important kiss-and-make-up moment — a kiss so sexy it made Faith’s foot pop!

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Kiss…… You’re forgiven💗💗

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But Tim and Faith weren’t the only members of the country music family enjoying the unusually large snowfall in and around Music City.

Gingery goodness Wake Silver Perdue, the toddler son of Dee Jay Silver, was delighted and a bit perplexed by the change in the weather when mom Jenna opened the front door. And we agree, Jenna, it does sound like he’s asking, “What happened?” Snow, Wakey boy, snow!

Little Asher James Mooney, son of Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney and wife Hannah, also looked a little puzzled by the crazy ground cover, but his very wise mom and dad took advantage of the beautiful natural backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot.

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Cold day + warm hearts

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Not all of the babies frolicking in the snow were of the two-legged variety, though. RaeLynn’s frosty furbaby, Jazz, may have enjoyed the winter chill and freshly fallen fluff more than anyone else, thanks to his natural furry insulation.

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While most of Nashville looked like they had prepared for the weather and were hunkered down with all of the aforementioned necessities for making French toast, our country music friends in Texas may not have been quite as ready for the unexpected seasonal blast.

Singer-songwriter Roger Creager shared a pretty pitiful selfie that also showed the random provisions he found in his pantry. And while we’re sure that “The Everclear Song” singer is pretty inventive, we have to say that his chances for surviving the Lone Star State’s Snowpocalypse with his taste buds intact look pretty meager.

Remember, y’all. The first day of spring isn’t until March 20, so hang in there and be safe on those icy roads!

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