It’s hard to believe that Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren will celebrate their fifth anniversary later this year. Still young and so much in love, they have become a living fairy tale with their affection and life story. And just when we think they couldn’t get any more precious or enviable, they share a photo that turns our hearts to goo.

Thomas Rhett posted a pic on his Instagram page from the couple’s family beach vacation. Standing in front of the salty surf, T-Rhett is appropriately in swim trunks and Lauren is the picture of the girl-next-door with long braids and a modest bikini, her pregnant tummy protruding with their daughter, who will arrive in August.

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“Can’t believe we will have a newborn not too long from now 🙌 36 weeks pregnant and 100% smoke show 😍😍,” he writes.

Earlier in the week, he shared video in his Instagram Story of Lauren enjoying the weightlessness of being in the water. And while she may not have been able to hear him, he even commented then on how hot his wife is.


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Thomas Rhett is back on the road for concerts in Ohio and Maryland on July 13 and 14, respectively, so we aren’t sure if this means vacation is over or if he’ll head right back to the beach after his shows. This is likely their last hurrah as a family of three, though, before daughter Willa Gray gets a sister.

Thomas Rhett’s love for pregnant Lauren never ceases to amaze us Instagram/@thomasrhettakins
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