We don’t know that we’ve ever seen two people as in love as Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins.

Today is Lauren’s birthday, and to show his wife how much she means to him, Thomas posted the most beautiful photo and note to her on his Instagram.

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“Happy Birthday, Lauren Akins. This picture is from 2011 when we were just starting this crazy, unimaginable life together,” he wrote. “I have never met anyone who can light up a room the way you do just by smiling. I have never seen someone make a stranger feel like you have known them for a lifetime the way that you do. I have never laughed or loved harder in my whole life than when I’m with you. I’m so far from perfect, but just being in your presence makes me better. You are the most amazing mom. You TRULY are Wonder Woman. I am beyond thankful that God put you on this earth 28 years ago and that he allowed me to know you and marry you. I love you so freaking much.”

Y’all, we are crying!

And look how young they were—just starting out on the most exciting journey of their lives.

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Now these two crazy kids have two kids of their own, Willa and Ada. They always put each other and their family first, because that’s what matters most.

That’s also what makes love last, and this love will no doubt last a lifetime. Happy birthday, Lauren! You and Thomas rocked the CMA Awards red carpet.

Thomas Rhett’s birthday message to his wife will leave you speechless Instagram/@ThomasRhettAkins
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