Thomas Rhett reveals the touching inspiration for his kids’ names Instagram/@laur_akins

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, have picked out some adorable names for their two daughters — Willa Gray and Ada James. They just roll off the tongue, don’t they?

It turns out those monikers don’t just sound great, they also have deeper meanings related to Thomas and Lauren’s respective families.

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Willa Gray was adopted from an orphanage in Uganda, so the couple gave her a name that signifies her journey so far.

Thomas says, “Willa came from my mom’s dad. His name is Willard, which translated means innately brave. And so we felt like Willa was a beautiful girl name and also I think we thought it represented kind of her story, like you have to be strong to survive what she went through. And then Gray is short for Lauren’s brother Grayson, and we really love Grayson’s personality and we love him so much.”

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As for their newest baby, Ada James, Thomas has joked that he named her for Blake Shelton’s hometown of Ada, Oklahoma, but the real reason is a little more mysterious than that.

“We’re a huge double name family if you haven’t known,” Thomas says. “[With] Ada James, James comes from my uncle, my dad’s brother his name is James Elias. So James is her middle name and Ada, Lauren said that she had a dream and she kept hearing the name Ada in the dream. And that is why we went with Ada. Pretty random, but really cool.”


Thomas sings all about his newly-expanded family on his upcoming album, “Life Changes,” due out September 8. You can hear his brand-new song from that project, “Grave,” here.

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