Thomas Rhett reveals special bond with his best buddy, FGL’s Tyler Hubbard Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI
NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 04: Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line, singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett attend the BMI 2014 Country Awards at BMI on November 4, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI)

Thomas Rhett has a lot to be thankful for in his life right now.

The country star just celebrated double No. 1 hits for the Platinum-certified “Craving You” and the Gold-certified “Unforgettable,” and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this hot, young star.

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As his professional life has been skyrocketing, so has his personal life, having added two daughters to his family last year. You know we love keeping up with his growing family and all their total adorableness.

For Thomas, maintaining that life balance between the road and home is hard, but he manages it like a champ. Having friends like Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard in the exact same position as both a country star and a new dad is tremendously helpful. Tyler and his wife, Hayley, welcomed their first child, daughter Olivia, in late December.

Thomas and Tyler’s wives, Lauren and Hayley, are very close and lean on each other for support, and we were so delighted to learn that their hubbies do the same. In fact, the two couples went on a vacation to Africa together early last year before the babies started arriving.

During a Feb. 15 press event in Nashville to celebrate his recent No. 1s, Thomas said that his talks with best bud Tyler are invaluable to him.

“We relate on a level that I don’t relate with some people that don’t have children,” he said.

“It’s funny: when you do have kids, all of a sudden the things that you talk about — [like] about sleep — don’t make sense to people who don’t have children. We both lived the same life [before] and now we’re living the same life [again,] … except we have two [kids] and they have one, which is way harder, by the way,” he joked.


We won’t argue with you there, Thomas. You do have your hands totally full of sweetness.

They talk about it all when times get tough on the road, and for these boys, it is truly tough being away from their girls.

“It’s been really cool to talk with Tyler and share, like, ‘Are you sleeping on the road? Are you sleeping at home? Does it kill when you have to leave Liv or me leaving Willa Gray and Ada?'” Thomas said. “It’s cool because we both experienced those same freedoms, and now we’re kinda in this place where we love having children, but we’re kinda getting used to the fact of what our new life is now. It’s really nice to have a buddy that also does music as well.”

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Awww, y’all—they really do have a little dads club.

But it won’t be long before their little country music babies will be on the bus and rolling with the big boys.

But for now, we’ll let them be little.

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