Thomas Rhett learns a hilarious “dad lesson” Instagram/@ThomasRhettAkins

Thomas Rhett is settling into fatherhood without too many hiccups. But he has plenty of burps!

In this hilarious new video on his Instagram titled “Dad Lessons,” Thomas get a big lesson on the fine art of burping a baby, with a little help from his band mate Josh Reedy, who is clearly a pro.

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Dad lessons @joshgilligan @speedyreedy81 @funkytico

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“Is she supposed to burp or spit up?” Thomas asked the group as he cradled his two-month-old daughter Ada James.

Well, Thomas, sometimes they are one and the same.

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Mama Lauren Akins looks on as Thomas takes the reins with his new baby girl, and it’s pretty sweet and, yes, totally hilarious at the same time.

But T.R. got more than just a burping lesson that day. He also learned how to soothe Ada by swinging her from side to side. The sweet infant looks just as peaceful and happy as can be.


We absolutely love how hands-on this family is, despite crazy touring schedules and appearances, the general chaos that comes with the music business and having two children under the age of two. No matter what happens, Thomas and Lauren always put their kids and their marriage first.

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And now that he’s aced his burping tutorial, we bet Lauren will be asking for Thomas’ help a lot more in the future. And he’ll of course be more than happy to oblige.

For all things Willa and Ada James, follow Thomas and Lauren on Instagram. Posts like this one will make your day.

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Getting the hang of it I think

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And we sincerely hope “Dad Lessons” will be a recurring series on his page.

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