Thomas Rhett just dropped a huge bombshell about his growing family Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
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Whoa, nelly! It looks like Lauren Akins has big, big dreams for her beautiful family with husband Thomas Rhett.

Thomas recently revealed to “Us Weekly” on the Grammy Awards red carpet that his wife is definitely ready for more kids in the future. They added their two daughters — or should we say their first two daughters — to the family in 2017.

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“I think in a perfect world she’d want five. I’d be good with three, so we’ll probably have five,” the singer told the outlet.

Five kids … can you imagine these two with five little ones?

We can, honestly. Lauren is an excellent mother and Thomas is just in love with his daughters. He told “Us Weekly” that six month-old Ada just started rolling over, and 2 year old Willa Gray is one smart cookie. His house is full of love, but it’s also a little bit crazy!

“Chaotic! That is the word I would use,” he said with a laugh.

“They grow so fast. I know that’s so cliché to hear, but my littlest is six months now and our other one is two years old. It’s getting so fun to watch them grow and form little personalities.”

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Willa, who was adopted from Uganda, has adapted so well to life in the States and to life as a big sister.

Lauren joined Thomas on the carpet for an interview with “E! News” that same night, where the two talked about how perfectly Willa reacted to her new sister coming home.

“She was jealous at first I think,” Thomas told E! correspondent Guiliana Rancid, as we previously reported. “But it’s so fun to watch her. She loves our little Ada so much and it’s been amazing watching her be a great big sister.”

Lauren agreed with her hubby.

“It’s something we just hoped for for so long,” she told E! “She was very fresh just coming to America, it was something where we really wanted her to feel comfortable and not that, ‘You’re home and now this little one is coming in.’ I think I was more nervous that she wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

But that wasn’t the case at all, Lauren said.

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“The second I was like ‘Do you want to give her [Ada] a kiss?’ and she leaned over and kissed her, it was like ‘Thank you, God.’ It couldn’t have been any sweeter.”

We just love this family so much … and you know what? We hope they do end up having five beautiful children! We’ll help babysit.

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