If the first day is supposed to be the roughest, parenting for Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins is going to be a breeze. The couple brought new baby Ada James home from the hospital on August 14, and it seems like a pretty successful first day.

In an Instagram Story, Thomas Rhett shared video of the family — that now includes a ginormous stuffed giraffe — leaving the hospital. Little Ada seemed perfectly content with Daddy carrying her in her car seat. Once they got home, she underwent an inspection by pup Kona but, as most little ones are, was more interested in sleep than dogs or her big sister, Willa Gray.

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Lauren also shared some photos on her Instagram page where we get a better look a their sweet bundle of joy. We also see one of the reasons why the kids may be so chill. As Thomas Rhett cradles his infant daughter, he seems perfectly relaxed with a baby in his arms. I think it’s safe to say that most dads aren’t that comfortable holding a newborn. And we have to agree with Lauren’s hashtag: “#HotDadAlert.”

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We also get a closeup of Ada James’ cherubic face, and we’re thinking she is a good mix of both of her gorgeous parents. From the photo that Lauren shares, she seems to have her famous daddy’s hairline, but there’s something in the shape of her face — or maybe it’s her lips — that look like mama’s.

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Regardless, both of Thomas Rhett and Lauren’s little girls are precious beyond words and we can’t wait to watch them grow!

Thomas Rhett’s daughter Ada James Akins is born

Thomas Rhett experiences a successful first day as the father of two Instagram/@Laur_Akins
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