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If you have a sister or brother and they have children, did you ever tell your siblings that you wanted to be the cool aunt or the fun uncle? And you likely were responsible for much of the spoiling that happened to your niece or nephew after their arrival.

It’s no different for Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins. Both have sisters and brothers and, from what we can see, those young aunts and uncles are doing their very best to be the favorite … or to at least make sure the little ones in their charge are having a darn good time.

Mission accomplished for Ada James and her Aunt Macy, Lauren’s sister.

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T-Rhett and Lauren’s amazing Instagram fan page, @thomasrhettandlaurenfans, shared video clips from Macy’s InstaStories, and it appears that Ada James and her auntie were having quite a game of peek-a-boo. We’ve never seen Ada so animated, and we’ve never heard that sound of pure delight come out of her before!

In the first video clip, Ada is so entertained by the game that she smiles a smile so big and gummy that her beautiful brown eyes turn into little crescents and she lets out a squawk of utter glee.

The next clip gives us a close-up of the dark-haired, dark-eyed little beauty, and it seems that not only is her cute little chin sopping wet with drool, but she also appears to be chewing or sucking on her bottom lip. Macy even comments, “What is that bottom lip doing”

Could she be teething? Oh yes. Ada is nearing her 5-month birthday and, according to trusty website The Bump, teething and talking — or at least babbling and chatter — are high on the milestones chart, so the little princess is right on the money with her development.

In the final slide of Auntie Macy’s InstaStory, we see a full view of a championship game of peek-a-boo going down. And while we know we’re biased towards all the country music little ones, we can’t help but think that Ada James shows superior analytical skills as she realizes that the head that is vanishing from her field of vision is actually just below her high chair tray.


Of course, like any baby, she’s appropriately startled when the “boo” comes, and it’s about the most precious thing in the world.

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Rest assured, Ada James’ big sister, Willa Gray, also gets plenty of Aunt Macy time.

In fact, Thomas Rhett’s siblings, Kacey, whom Ada James closely resembles, and Tyler, are also extremely active in their nieces’ lives, as are all of the grandparents and even great-grandparents.

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It truly does take a family to raise a family.

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