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Talk about living in fast forward! A whole lot of stuff went down in Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins? household last year. In May 2017, the couple welcomed their daughter Willa Gray home from Uganda, and then three months later, after 36 hours of labor, their daughter, Ada James arrived. Thomas also completed the incredibly successful headlining “Home Team Tour,” and the couple continued to grow their 147 Million Orphans campaign to raise money for the food, clean water, clothing, school and medical needs of orphaned children worldwide. They also celebrated an endless stream of family birthdays, weddings, holidays and award shows, and we barely ever saw their faces without smiles.

But dang! Mama and Daddy need a break, y?all!

So, they took one. Just Thomas Rhett, Lauren, and their best friends. The two couples headed to Key West, Florida, for what looks like a heckuva lot of grown-up fun ? that their kids would have thoroughly enjoyed.

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Now, Key West isn?t big, and there are really two primary means of transportation to get around the island?feet and bicycles. And while we?re sure the couple did plenty of walking on their mini-vacation, they seemed to prefer the bikes.

Thomas and Lauren really made the most of their two-wheeled transportation, and not just out of necessity. The young couple was really enjoying the time to just be kids themselves, taking late night bike rides and having some sweet and silly fun together.

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late(ish) night bike rides on the water💙


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And while Thomas Rhett and Lauren were sad for their vacation to come to an end, it didn?t top the excitement they were feeling to be reunited with Willa Gray and Ada James back in Nashville.

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Of course, as we all know, social media often serves as a platform for many to pass judgment on those who don?t live their lives according to someone else?s standards, and it didn?t take long for someone to voice their disapproval of the Akins’ vacation without their kids.

Although the poster removed their critical first comment, Lauren did see it and offered a very graceful reply, explaining where she gets her parental guidance:  [email protected] hey mama?let?s love fellow mamas and extend some grace to each other because we are not living each other?s lives. Mine is very different from yours I?m sure, but I assure you I LIVE day in and day out with my girls unless I have some meetings in town or take a weekend away with my husband (which I think is extremely healthy for marriage). I pray God shows me how to love my girls the best I can (I have two daughters by the way, not just my six-month-old) and I follow His lead the best I can. Let?s try and not put other moms down because we as moms know we do that to ourselves way too much already??

We could not have said it better ourselves.

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