Thomas Rhett and Lauren’s little Cupids sprinkled lots of love on Valentine’s Day Instagram/@kasey_akins

Did you have a sweet, or maybe even a romantic Valentine’s Day? We sure hope so. It’s a day established to recognize those you love the most, whether it’s the object of your desire and affection, a best friend or a favorite relative. Or maybe even your favorite social media accounts. Who couldn’t use a little love, right?

Or a lot of love? With cupcakes? And sprinkles? And Cupids in tutus and hair bows?

That’s what the family members of Willa Gray and Ada James Akins received for their special Valentine’s Day greetings. Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins knew how to gently pierce the hearts of their relatives when they turned their two adorable daughters into their own versions of the chubby mythological cherub.

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After baking cookies and cupcakes, hand-sprinkled by Willa Gray, the two sweet “love fairies” packed their quivers with the delicious goodies and red roses and made the rounds.

With Willa in a tutu and both she and her sister in bright red hair bows, they delivered their sweets and blooms to family members including Lauren’s folks.

They also hit up Willa and Ada’s favorite aunts, who also happen to be their only aunts, Lauren’s sister, Macy, and Thomas’ sister, Kasey. Yes, the preciousness extends well past these two little angels. Their aunts are Macy and Kasey. We die.

But what’s absolutely hilarious is the hashtag at the end of Kasey’s Instagram post: “The Valentine [fairies] came to surprise their favorite (only) aunts ❤ 😍 #willabrokemyrosewithin3minutes”


Unfortunately — or, actually — maybe fortunately, Thomas Rhett’s mom and her handsome hubs appeared to be enjoying a beach getaway for the holiday, so their visit from cherubs Willa and Ada may be delayed.

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As busy as Lauren and Thomas were on Valentine’s Day, this precious couple made time for each other as well. And although they didn’t disclose their specific plans, in posts on their separate social pages both mom and dad were looking forward to a night on the town.

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Bow-chicka-wow-wow! They look adorably hot! Last night might have been a good time for them to further discuss those three more children that Lauren would like to add to their family.

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