This video from the inside of Kenny Chesney’s island home is insane Getty Images/Michael Loccisano
Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

Throughout the past week, we have come to realize that life is short, and storms can be severe, and just when you think you have everything going for you, it can all be taken away in a second.

Just ask Kenny Chesney.

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“As daylight is hitting the islands, and we’re really getting a sense of how bad this all is … I don’t know what to say,” Kenny wrote on social media shortly after he found out about the devastation of Hurricane Irma, which destroyed his island home and those of some of his friends and neighbors. “I’ve never been in war, but the devastation, the people’s faces in a place I know by heart have left me feeling helpless. It’s total devastation.”

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And while everyone has seen the dreadful pictures of the devastation from the hurricane, the video Kenny shared on his Twitter page from the inside of his home — taken by his friends who sought shelter there during the storm — really hits home for everyone who watches it. “Footage taken by the folks who weathered #hurricaneirma in my house in St. John,” Kenny wrote. “Conditions deteriorated from here.”

Of course, as Kenny always seems to do, he is ready to help in any way he can, currently encouraging fans to donate to his Love for Love City Foundation. Money raised will be used to help rebuild St. John and help out its hurricane-affected residents.

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