As the man who brought us songs like “Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue (The Angry American)” and “American Soldier,” it’s safe to say there are few bigger patriots in country music than Toby Keith.

“Made In America” is yet another song rooted in Toby’s love for country, and while it may not be the rallying war cry some of his other patriotic anthems are, this one just might be the most unifying of them all.

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With an incredible mix of high-energy live concert footage blended with photos and video clips of everything from kids at a Fourth of July parade to proud veterans and even his Daddy’s Semper Fi tattoo, the red, white and blue is absolutely bursting out of this song. With so many flags waving, fire flying, and a capacity crowd united under one American flag, it’s hard not to walk out of this one thumping your chest with American pride.

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Thing is, Toby isn’t one of those guys who is just putting on a red, white and blue tint in exchange for a hit. He truly believes what he says when he’s talking about our military veterans, and whether it’s Memorial Day, Veterans Day or the Fourth of July, he couldn’t be more correct than when he sings that “every day is Independence Day.”

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