This throwback video of Reba McEntire and LeAnn Rimes is everything Instagram/@leannrimes

Y’all, this is what “Throwback Thursdays” were made for.

We can’t even deal with the awesomeness of this latest “TBT” post from LeAnn Rimes on Instagram.

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OK, let’s take it back to 2004. LeAnn had just released her greatest hits record, “The Best Of LeAnn Rimes,” and was crossing over into the pop world in addition to dominating country music. Her idol, Reba McEntire, was obviously the queen and had already added Broadway and network television to her stacked resume by this point in her career. Together, the two made history as the stars of this epic Dr. Pepper commercial.

Remember, at the time, it wasn’t every day a country star—let alone TWO country stars—was given a starring role in a nationwide, massive ad campaign for a brand like Dr. Pepper.

And these two stole hearts for sure when this one aired.

In true Thelma and Louise style, these two stars hit the road in a gorgeous convertible, wind in their hair, absolutely footloose and fancy free as they sang the peppy jingle about originality, which is definitely the taste of Dr. Pepper. We can all agree on that one.

Behold these two queens of the desert.

“Hanging in the desert with Reba for our Dr. Pepper commercial,” LeAnn captioned the video. “Last week marked 14 years since the commercial began airing. #throwback #tbt #throwbackthursday #drpepper #beyou #reba

Now this soda slogan is a message we can get behind right here: “Be you. Do what you do. Be you. Nothin’s better.”

And ummm, can we just say the handsome gentleman at the gas station is hot? Holy moly! Kudos to these two for being able to say goodbye to him.

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Now, it’s not that we don’t absolutely love today’s crazy Dr. Pepper commercials starring “American Idol” runner-up Justin Guarini (we do love them, this is no lie). It’s just that it might be fun to do an actual flashback commercial for old time’s sake … just one to run for a limited time.

What do you say Reba and LeAnn? You could even cast “Sexiest Man Alive” Blake Shelton as the hunk at the gas station!

You’re welcome for the idea, Dr. Pepper. You’re welcome.

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