This Texas country star finds Santa’s naughty & nice list in this hilarious new video Instagram/@bartcrowband

They’re only 3 years old, so you have to wonder how much twins River Van Coleman and Roman Parsons know about Santa and his “Naughty and Nice” list. Of course, the other possibility is that they just don’t care.

That would seem to be the case when Texas singer-songwriter Bart Crow notices that things are uncharacteristically quiet in the Crow household, which also includes 5-year-old big brother Townes.

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On Dec. 6, Bart shared an Instagram video as he walked toward a faint noise in his kitchen. As he approaches the dining table, he spots two little bodies hidden by chairs, but as he peers over the side over the table, you can see his precious blonde twins looking like little cherubs. That is, until Daddy asks the boys what they’re doing.

River sweetly and innocently holds up a partially eaten Snickers bar. When Daddy reacts with a “No sir,” the tyke crams the remainder of the candy bar into his mouth, at least as much of it as will fit, before Bart can confiscate the treat. But Dad is cool and tells him to give his brother a bite; however, Parsons is busy unwrapping his own sweet treat, because, you know, why would he want a Snickers that has already been down his brother’s throat?


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The Crow household is one of our favorites to follow on socials with three boys providing a wealth of entertainment, but Bart is really the star in the family. If you aren’t familiar with this incredibly popular Austin-based artist, check out his 2015 album “The Parade” and 2012’s “Dandelion” — two of our favorites from his great catalog of music.

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