This sexy cowboy proves he knows how to M-O-V-E on "DWTS" YouTube screenshot/Dancing With The Stars
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The first night of “Dancing with the Stars” is always a crapshoot. Sometimes the couples expected to blow us away are underwhelming and then those whom we don’t expect much of give an impressive showing in their first week.

We had no idea what to expect from rodeo star-turned-model Bonner Bolton. Well, consider us impressed.

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Dancing a cha-cha-cha to Luke Bryan’s “Move,” it looked as if the cowboy was channeling the country star. The routine had an incredible amount of sex appeal in the form of hip swivels, pelvic thrusts and gyrations, much like Luke’s stage show. But one thing that Bonner has that Luke doesn’t is his professional dance partner, Sharna Burgess. And the thing that Bonner and Sharna have more of than bumps and grinds is chemistry — good old-fashioned chemistry.

Everyone has noticed the obvious connection between the couple. In the video teaser before their performance, one of the producers pointed out that Sharna was blushing after talking to her new dance partner. Their rehearsal time was also loaded with innuendo about Bonner’s “hip action.” After their sizzling hot routine, Bonner and Sharna approached the score table and host Tom Bergeron commented, “You just saw how the west was really won.” Indeed!

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It seems that every season of “Dancing with the Stars” brings about some amount of speculation about intimacy between at least one of the pro/celeb couples, and often it is unjustified. The dancers do need to at least be able to fake chemistry in order to pull off the romance and passion that some of the dances require. In the case of Bonner and Sharna, both are single and attractive, so who knows!

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