Tanya cast her then-boyfriend in this music video and their love scenes left little to the imagination gdoublee/YouTube screenshot

Tanya Tucker earned her reputation as country music’s original wild child back in the ’70s and ’80s with her stormy love affair with Glen Campbell and her suggestive songs, including “Would You Lay with Me in a Field of Stone.”

By the time she released her hit song “Soon” in 1993, you’d think Tanya would have run out of ways to shock country fans, right?

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You’d be wrong.

Tanya cast her then-boyfriend, actor Ben Reed, in the leading role, and their love scenes left little to the imagination. Sure, they were a couple, but we’d be kinda shocked to see this amount of flesh in a country video today. Now, imagine seeing it on your TV screen 23 years ago.

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“Soon” is a very clever song about a woman starting an affair with a married man and eventually deciding to end it. The doomed fling plays out with the lovers leaving messages on each other’s respective answering machines as their romance ultimately fizzles out.

“Soon” peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Country Songs chart and was the title track of her studio album released in 1993.

Ben Reed is the father of Tanya’s two children, Presley and Beau. He appeared in the Oscar nominated-film “American Sniper” in 2014.

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