This romantic new tune is becoming country music’s go-to wedding song Photo Credit: Kevin Grace

Hotshot country group LANCO is climbing the charts with romantic new single “Greatest Love Story,” and lead singer Brandon Lancaster says it’s quickly becoming a go-to wedding song that fans have latched onto.

In an interview with Rare Country, Brandon said the song is being used in proposals and “a lot of weddings,” especially for new couples’ first dances. “We’ve seen videos where the husband has taken a guitar and sang it to his wife at their wedding reception,” he remarked with wonder. “One reason that’s just awesome to us is … when someone makes you a part of their wedding, you now are literally part of a very big chapter and a highlight in their life. That has been really cool to be a part of.”

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On June 6, the band helped unveil a new mural inspired by the song. Spray-painted by artist Ners Neonlumberjack, the mural — on the outside wall of Flip Side restaurant in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood — includes images of various locks. The artist provided a cup full of chalk, which couples can use to write their names inside the locks, similar to the idea behind Paris’ famed “love locks” bridge.

“So many people have been impacted by this song,” said Brandon. “We thought it would be cool if the mural itself was interactive and people could be impacted by it [as well].”

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LANCO is set to perform this week at both CMA Music Festival and Bonnaroo, and Brandon is particularly excited about the latter for the chance to represent country music in front of attendees who may not be fans of the format. It’s “really important at those kinds of festivals that you are 100 percent yourself,” he said. “You’re representing your genre at that point. You’re not just one of many country bands, you’re maybe one of the only country bands. So it’s cool at something like Bonnaroo to really represent a genre as opposed to just yourself.”

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