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Sometimes, all you need is a sign.

A sign from the universe, from a friend, from a stranger … or from a loved one gone on to heaven.

It’s been said that we all have guardian angels, but rising country star Carly Pearce (“Every Little Thing”) has two very special ones: her late grandparents.

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Carly told “Fox 411” that, as an only grandchild, she experienced a love that not many people get to experience, and for that she is forever grateful.

Her grandparents were the biggest champions of her country music dreams. Carly told the news outlet that from the time she was a little girl, she knew it was her destiny to sing country music.

Still, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise, the everyday grind and the constant comparisons to other artists and lose sight of the end goal, and your place in it all.

Carly will be the first to admit, she wasn’t exempt from those fears.

“I think we’re all human and we’re not blind to see the clock ticking and get scared and let that fear overwhelm you, but I genuinely … even though I struggled so much over the last nine years, there were always moments of light,” she said. “What I mean by that is there were always moments where even if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was validation that I was walking in the right direction or that I was meant to be in Nashville.”

But along the way there were — and are still — signs. Signs that her grandparents are still with her, cheering her own and beaming with pride as they look down on her.


“They come and visit me,” she said. “I know they do. They told me to watch for them. And I see butterflies and red birds and red feathers in ways that I feel like are hard to describe and explain.”

She also has two special tattoos to honor them.

“I have a butterfly on my wrist for my grandmother and feather tattoo on my arm for my grandfather,” she revealed to “Fox 411.” “I want to continue to always keep them around me.”

That unconditional love set the foundation for the journey she’s on today. And as her career continues to skyrocket, she’s taking the memory of her grandparents along for the ride. As she goes down in the country music history books, so do they, by the power of their name.

“They are the Pearce name. I was an only grandchild and they loved me on a level that I don’t know many people get to experience,” Carly said. “All they wanted to do was see my career take off. I wanted to take the Pearce name and keep it going and honor them.”

You know they are looking down on her and beaming with pride. Carly stayed true to herself, never lost faith, worked hard, went to bed, got up and did it all over again, and it all paid off.

She signed a record deal with Big Machine Label Group and her debut single, “Every Little Thing” went to No. 1 on the charts, setting a record for Carly as the highest charting solo female debut since July 2015.


No more cleaning AirBnB toilets and sheets for this Kentucky beauty. (Yep, she did it all while trying to make it in Nashville.)

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She’s currently out on tour with Blake Shelton and will join Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country Tour” for select dates this year. Her newest single, “Hide The Wine,” is already moving at radio. And although we absolutely love it, we kind of don’t want to hide the wine … we want to break it out and celebrate this amazing girl for all the good things happening in her life!

Cheers to you, Carly!

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