Reba McEntire has millions of devoted fans out there, but we haven’t seen one as dedicated as this one in quite a while.

This little girl named Briley recently celebrated her birthday with a Reba-themed party, complete with a cookie cake with a photo of Reba on top. Briley is apparently known as “Lil’ Reba” to her friends and family. The presents were all about Reba, too.

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Briley got the sixth season DVD set of Reba’s TV show, a few Reba CDs as well as tickets to see Reba at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville next month.

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Sounds like that’s just about everything a Reba fan could dream of, right?

Nope, it gets even better from here. This photo was posted on Facebook with the caption, “I wish Reba McEntire could somehow see this post!!”

Reba not only saw the post, she shared it on her Facebook account a few days later with the caption, “Happy birthday, Briley! I love your cake! You are a doll! Here’s to many more happy birthdays for you! Love, Reba.”

Now that’s a happy birthday!!!

This precious fan just got some big attention from Reba McEntire Facebook/Reba McEntire
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