This part of Loretta Lynn’s mansion is guaranteed to send chills up your spine WKRN video screenshot
WKRN video screenshot

To us, celebrity homes are enchanting, and we feel the urge to want to step inside them. But, some stars keep their homes gated and surrounded by security cameras to keep strangers out.

However, when it comes to the 19th century home of country music legend Loretta Lynn, fences and surveillance systems do no good. No matter what, strangers still lurk.

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For 30 years, Loretta lived at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. According to her, a whole host of ghosts have come and gone as they pleased. While the star has since moved out of the mansion, fans can tour the, now, attraction, but they aren’t allowed to go upstairs.

News 2’s WKRN reporter Paige Hill took a walk through some of the scariest rooms on the plantation so that fans can see just exactly what lurks behind closed doors.

Ranch manager Will Rourke and Loretta’s grandson Anthony Brutto were on hand to share some of the strange stories that have haunted them to this day. They admit that even the housekeepers have witnessed paranormal activity taking place while working inside the house. From pictures moving on the wall beside the grand staircase to the flickering of a chandelier light in the kitchen, there are many instances where something spooky has happened. But, perhaps Loretta’s encounter of the supernatural world tops them all.

Will shared a story about a time when Loretta came home one day and saw a mysterious woman standing on the porch. Other than herself, the only woman home at the time was the kids’ babysitter, Gloria.

“She said, ‘Gloria, who’s that up on the porch?’ Gloria said, ‘Nobody’s up there,’” explained Will.

Anthony added, “When I just went and talked to [Loretta], she said when she started seeing the woman in white on a regular basis, she knew it was time to leave. The house wasn’t big enough for two women!”


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Now that’s creepy, y’all!

For information on touring Loretta’s ranch, visit the link here.

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