Admit it, haven’t we all misheard a song’s lyrics, even a country song’s lyrics, and thought the singer was saying something completely different than they were? Or, have you ever called out a friend who completely botched a karaoke or car ride sing-along performance by mangling the words?

While we hate to call out this little dude on his cover of Jon Pardi’s “Dirt On My Boots,” we have to giggle about it, and we’re betting in a few more years, he’ll have a chuckle, too.

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The young man so enchanted by Jon’s sassy chart-topping single is Sam, and he’s the nephew of Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet. In a video on Phillip’s Instagram page, we can hear his charming rendition of “Dirt On My Boots,” which became “Turd On My Boots.”

OK, let’s take a couple of things into consideration.

  1. A true cowboy knows that with dirt also come turds. If you’re riding horses and wrangling cattle, poop happens. It just does.
  2. This amateur music video is taking place in an empty diaper box. Little Sam could be exercising his creative right and improvising for the setting he is in. He’s a little songwriter in the making.

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Either way, at a time where anger and negativity on social media is as plentiful as manure on a ranch …and just as smelly, this is a pretty great break from the hate.

And hey, Jon even gave the performance his seal of approval with a “Holy 💩.”

That’s an accurate critique!

This little one’s misheard country lyrics will have you in hysterics  Instagram/@phillipsweet
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