This little grappler already has her own bodyguard YouTube/RM Videos
YouTube/RM Videos

Before most wrestling stars hit the mat in the WWE, they usually sharpen their skills in high school, junior high and pee wee wrestling, sometimes starting as young as 4-years-old. And the sport that used to be somewhat exclusive to young men is now finding that there are plenty of girls that want to grapple, including 4-year-old Ruby Lewis.

According to Fox News, Ruby just took part in her very first wrestling match, and while we applaud her excellent showing, it wasn’t without a somewhat major fault.

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Watching from the bleachers was little Ruby’s family, including younger brother, Jash, and when the young lady’s opponent got the first takedown in the quick round, the 2-year-old flew into action.

Fearing that his big sister was being assaulted, the valiant tot flew to the mat to rescue Ruby. With no regard to the referee or the spectators who were laughing uncontrollably, Jash dove into the mix, throwing himself on top of the wrestlers until his dad could reach him to intervene.

With the wrestlers mostly unfazed, the match continued, and while you might think that some of the athletes and parents would have been upset by the disruption because of the competitive nature of the sport, that wasn’t the case at all. Not even the parents of Ryan, Ruby’s opponent, who got a great chuckle from the turn of events.

In fact, it’s Ryan’s mother, Tori, who shared video of the awesome moment, and she tells Huffington Post, “I only have boys, but if I had a daughter I hope they would protect their sister like that.”

At the end of the match, Ryan took the win by points, but again, Ruby showed some real prowess with attempted reversals and rolling out of potential pins. We think her future as a scholastic wrestler is looking very promising indeed.

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Jash isn’t competing like Ruby yet, but apparently he’s ready any time. The kid’s father wrestled in school and there is no shortage of gear for the youngster to familiarize himself with. And there sure isn’t any shortage of enthusiasm either!

And who knows! A country music career could follow for either Ruby, Jash or Ryan. After all, Garth Brooks wrestled in school.

Congratulations to Ryan and to Ruby for getting out there and representing women in a male-dominated sport. And to Jash, too, for showing us that instincts are strong in families.

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