Count on an international diva like Shania Twain to know how to make an entrance.

Shania was the superstar entertainment over the weekend at the Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League.

It’s like Canada’s Super Bowl, and Queen Shania was the official halftime performer.

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And although she absolutely rocked it liked always, maybe the coolest thing about the entire show was her entrance …

… on a dogsled.

You just have to see it.

That’s about as Canadian as it gets, and we can’t get enough.

Dressed is a blindingly sparkling and perfect red jumpsuit with a matching faux fur cape and booties, Shania looked every bit the megastar she is as she strutted up on that stage and delivered an impeccable performance.

I mean, fireworks shot of as she walked past, because SHE’S SHANIA!

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And this is why she has the reputation for having one of the greatest live shows out there—spectacle, baby, spectacle.

As for the football game, it was no doubt hard to focus on anything else after halftime, but the Toronto Argonauts beat the Calgary Stampeders with a score of 27 to 24, claiming the national title.

But how about Shania and those sequins?

This international superstar dazzles fans with her arrival to the Canadian Grey Cup Twitter/@TSN_Sports
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