This hot country band helps a cute couple take their relationship to the next level Twitter/@kay_childress

One of the greatest compliments you can get as a band is to find out that your music was a big part of someone’s special life moment, like an engagement.

Well, LANCO just got to experience what that feeling is like once again!

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Country fan Kayla Childress posted video from her beach weekend, where her whole life changed — her boyfriend proposed, and it wasn’t just any ol’ proposal either.

He went all out, even setting the scene in the morning with tiki torches and, of course, the perfect song to soundtrack the moment: LANCO’s breakout hit, “Greatest Love Story.” That song has been used in numerous engagements since it was first released, with many of those proposals happening at LANCO shows right in front of the band members this past year.

When the video starts, it’s a little dark, but if you look carefully you can see the two watching the waves come in as the song plays in the background. When the song hits the last verse, the ring comes out. You can see the couple’s friends looking on as Kayla’s boyfriend gets down on one knee.

It’s a pretty perfect moment, and LANCO agrees!

Kayla thanked the country group for making the moment so perfect, and she posted a few more pictures of her engagement ring.

Congratulations to Kayla and her man on their big day, and congratulations to LANCO. We know this is a moment they’ll never forget either!

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We think Kayla and her fiancé should use “Greatest Love Story” as their first dance. What do you guys think?

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