This game show contestant gave an answer that will make every true music fan cringe meganoikz/YouTube screenshot

As a country music fan, we may take for granted that everyone knows everything about the music genre we love. We may take for granted that everyone knows the names of our genre’s biggest stars, the lyrics to every song and that the home of country music is located smack dab in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee.

Which is why this answer from a game show contestant overseas makes us chuckle.

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Playing some sort of word scramble game show, the woman was asked “What N is the American center of country music?” in which she quickly hit her buzzer to proudly exclaim “NASA”?

Awww, bless her.

As the game show host couldn’t help but chuckle himself, he repeated the entire question back to the other contestants. “What N is the American center of country music known for its Grand Ole Opry?”

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And this time, they got it right.

“NASA is kind of space-oriented,” the host explained to a still bewildered ‘Cherry.’ “You are still a teacher of impressionable children.”

Bless those children, too.

But how can we fault her too much? This game show moment was shared on YouTube back in 2012. And we can bet if you asked her this same question today, she would get it right.

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