There are moments as a parent when all you have to look at your child and you end up in tears of love and pride. It might happen when your baby is born, when they take their first steps or when you hear them say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ for the first time.

Yet, there is nothing like the emotions that come when they get older — and you see their own dreams beginning to come true.

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Often these moments are quick and not always caught on camera. But one such moment was recently captured in the cockpit in a racecar, and the internet is going crazy over it. It happened when former Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello’s 15-year-old son recently took the wheel and showed his dad some of the racing skills he has inherited.

And eventually, it left his dad in tears.

In fact, there were moments during the ride along when his son Eduardo even took his hand off the steering wheel to hold his father’s hand when he noticed him breaking down over the experience.

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Indeed, it was a powerful moment, even for the man who has collected 322 Grand Prix starts. Yet, at that moment and in that racecar, he was just a dad beaming with pride over his son.

This father’s emotional reaction to his hard-racing son is killing the internet Twitter/@BBCNewsRound
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