Chelsea Handler may be one of the best comedians on the planet, but her entertaining talents do not extend into the music world. Her buddy, Blake Shelton, joined Chelsea in an SUV for the latest installment of the “Carpool Karaoke” series, and things went south pretty quickly.

First up, Blake tried to help Chelsea write a country song about her life. Since she admitted to being a “hot mess,” and “drinking” and “partying,” Chelsea thought she had all the makings of a stellar country lyric.

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Blake told her she needed to have a love interest in there somewhere, to which Chelsea replied, “I would love a love interest. No one’s interested in me. I don’t have a love interest, so let’s make one up.”

She added, “I guess I have to wait for someone to get divorced or something.”

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Chelsea then added that she didn’t like or want kids, so Blake summed up her country song saying, “Basically, it’s about a lonely, miserable, white, Jewish girl who’s going to have to wait for somebody to get divorced.”

Thinking Chelsea might be able to just sing something someone else wrote, Blake had her sing the ’80s classic “Take On Me” by A-Ha. She was nowhere near the right pitch, however, and none of Blake’s training as a coach on “The Voice” could make the situation any better.

She tried to go low in her register so it wouldn’t be as hard to hit the notes, but Blake winced as she attempted to sing on key and finally told Chelsea, “Are you doing that on purpose? You sound like Darth Vader.”

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