In the wake of her recently reported split with her husband, actor Adrian Pasdar, Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines and her sons took a break with members of her family to do a little healing in Hawaii. One of those family members is her niece, Amelia Maguire, and it sounds like she’s quite the little singer, too.

On her Instagram page, Natalie invited fans to listen to a kitchen table performance the pair did on their vacation, and not only are we enchanted by Amelia’s voice, the lyrics seemed to be especially compelling considering what her aunt is currently experiencing.

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The lyrics to “Like a Fool” tell the story of a bitter and perhaps one-sided break-up. And while we can’t speak for Natalie’s feelings, it does appear as if the impact of those words seems to hit her as they progress in their performance.

Of course, she could also just be as moved as we were by Amelia’s honest vocals and gentle guitar, which are all the two need as accompaniment. With voices like that, why overshadow them with big bands and fancy production?

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“Like a Fool” was originally recorded by actress Keira Knightly for the 2013 movie “Begin Again,” which also starred Mark Ruffalo and featured Blake Shelton’s good buddy, Adam Levine, in his first acting role. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out. The original title for the film was “Can a Song Save Your Life,” which may give you a clue about the plot.

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