We’ve never seen a Santa quite this funky.

Each year, Chicago Cubs fans flock to Wrigleyville for the TBOX celebration, the annual bar crawl where fans can share in the joy of flying the W and, obviously, throw down and have a good time.

Don’t think Brett Eldredge, an Illinois native a lifelong Cubs fan, was going to miss this for anything in the world.

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He showed up and definitely showed out, but it took attendees a good minute to figure out that Brett was there, as he came dressed as “Disco Santa,” complete with a wig and beard, white pants, aviators and a red glitter jacket.

Brett posted video from the party where he successfully attempts to do the limbo as a funky Santa, all while Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” plays in the background.

We have to say, it did, in fact, impress us much, because who knew Brett could dance?

We have no idea what preceded this moment or what followed, but we do know it had to have been an absolute blast, because no matter where he goes, Brett truly brings a party.

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We have to admit, we’re bringing Brett to our holiday parties once again this year — or at least his music. If you have not spent any time with his 2016 holiday album, “Glow, “you must. It’s the perfect thing to get you in the holiday spirit to enjoy all the magic of the season.

Between the album and this video of Brett as Disco Santa, you should already be hearing jingle bells.

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