Just try to listen to Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood’s hit “The Fighter,” without breaking out into a dance, or at the very least shuffling your feet a little. It’s simply impossible to keep still to that up tempo, infectious groove. That’s why Keith cast professional dancers to lend support to his performance with Carrie in the original music video, and then released a second cut of the clip featuring only the dancers.

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Now, Los Angeles choreographer Nika Kljun has taken the music to another level. She choreographed her own dance to the song, then orchestrated a video featuring six combinations of talented young dangers — some of them just children — completely nailing the hip hop and contemporary moves. Her video, shot at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, immediately went viral, amassing more than 104,000 views in just its first two days online.

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We’re hoping Kljun and her students discover some more great country songs and decide to craft choreography that wows us just as much as this one did. We’ll keep and eye out for that, and keep you posted.

Phyllis Stark is a Nashville-based entertainment journalist who has been reporting extensively on country music (and loving every moment of it) for more than two decades.
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