This courageous cowboy nearly lost his life at a national competition K2 Radio/YouTube

Most any athlete knows the risks and sacrifices they face in pursuit of excellence. There’s imminent danger of pushing yourself or your equipment too hard. There are also unknown variables—weather, environment or, in the case of Bradie Gray, a rank bull.

Bradie, a 20-year-old Australian bull rider on the Odessa College Rodeo Team, was competing at the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming, on June 15 when the bull he was on bucked him off, then stepped on his chest. In footage from K2 Radio, we can see that Bradie managed to get on his feet and was helped into one of the bucking chutes before he collapsed. Shortly after, he was taken out of the arena on a backboard.

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Although Bradie did stand, we can only assume it was due to adrenaline. According to Casper’s Star Tribune, the young cowboy arrived at the hospital with no pulse, no heartbeat and no blood pressure. He was treated for collapsed lungs, broken ribs and a bruised aorta and was placed in a medically induced coma. He was given a 60% chance of survival.

Here’s to kicking the other 40% in the teeth.

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On June 17, Bradie’s father, Mick, told the paper that his son was doing better, but “still has a long road ahead.” He’s unable to speak due to his ventilator, but he did want to write. However, was too weak to do so.

This isn’t the young cowboy’s first injury. He broke his jaw twice in his sophomore year, has torn his groin and broken his collarbone, an injury he was just six weeks away from when he went into the CNFR.

Our continued prayers are with Bradie and his family.

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