This couple has Kenny Chesney to thank for their engagement Instagram/@hollyhammonds7

Well, this is a love story that could go down in country music history.

Holly Hammonds considers herself to be big Kenny Chesney fan—so big that she went not one, but two nights in a row to see him perform at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena back in 2015.

That last minute decision to see Kenny on night number two would change her life forever.

Holly shared her story on the website, “The Way We Met,” and it goes like this: She and her friend bought tickets off the street to sit in the nosebleed sections that night. They snuck down into some empty seats on the lower level and, while looking through the crowd, she noticed a handsome stranger.

And he noticed her, too.

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“We kept staring and smiling at each other throughout the concert, until finally he waved at me,” Holly wrote. “I instantly had butterflies and I knew I had to meet him.”

And what she did next officially makes her our heroine.

Since she couldn’t get to his section on the arena floor, she used her hands to sign her phone number to him.

Y’all—she is a genius!

And it worked.

R.J., the handsome stranger, texted her. They began chatting, went out on a date the next night and have been inseparable ever since.

Cut to this week, two years later. R.J. took Holly back to the Bridgestone Arena where they first met for a tour of the venue. She had no idea what was coming next.

“When our guide took us onto the ice, I immediately grabbed R.J.’s hand and led him towards the section where he was sitting the night we met,” she wrote. “Little did I know, I was setting myself up perfectly for his proposal.”


Oh yes he did! R.J. got down on one knee and asked Holly to be his forever. And as the applause broke out, Holly realized that their entire families and all their best friends were there to witness it.

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“Sometimes I still can’t believe the crazy way I met my fiancé,” she wrote. “Thank you Kenny Chesney, thank you ticket scalper, thank you lower level ticket holder who decided not to go, thank you best friend for agreeing to go back with me to the concert for a second night in a row, and thank you God for putting it all together.”

We think Kenny would absolutely love this story! We hope they play a Kenny song for their first dance. Congratulations, you two!

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