This country star's southern food lesson to these cute kids is absolutely everything Facebook/Josh Turner
Facebook/Josh Turner

Country music superstar Josh Turner is a doting daddy to four boys – Samuel, Marion, Colby and Hampton. So, it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about teaching young kids new things.

And, southern fare is one subject that he seems to know a lot about! In a new episode as part of his “Unscripted” series, Josh introduces kids to southern foods. And, boy is it adorable.

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The video above features Josh and a group of tykes in a classroom setting. The hunky 39-year-old offers up a menu that includes grits, red velvet cake, pork rinds, pecans and Goo Goo clusters.

First up, the five kiddos taste-test grits. Josh tells the youngsters, “Grits are basically corn that’s been ground up. So, here’s some grits.” Once the plates are placed on the children’s school desks, reactions are mixed. One little boy confesses to not liking it, while a young girl gives the glowing review of “good!”

The crew then moves on to the sweeter selection of red velvet cake. The majority of folks delightfully agree that the treat is “Yummy!” One boy even gives the dessert the equivalent of five stars – a major thumbs-up!

“Would you ever eat the skin of a pig?” Josh, then, asks the sugar-filled crowd. “They’re called pork rinds. They’re real crunchy. Do you love potato chips? They’re kind of like potato chips.”

“I love potato chips!” says one child.

Following the pork rinds, the group still has their appetites in place and taste buds ready to go. So, they move on to pecans. Before revealing the nut Josh tests the gang by asking them, “Does anybody know what a pecan is?”

“It’s a kind of bird,” one little girl adorably shouts. Josh responds with, “No. That’s a peacock.”


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Too cute!

Speaking of the south, on March 10, Josh released a brand-new album titled, “Deep South.” The project debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and includes the catchy single “Hometown Girl.”

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