This country star’s daughters are making lofty plans for their Christmas break Instagram/@justincolemoore

Country stars catching their kiddos in the middle of adorableness is one of our favorite things on social media, and Justin Moore just hit pay dirt with two of his little girls.

Justin and wife Kate have three daughters, 7-year-old Ella Kole, 6-year-old Kennedy Faye and 3-year-old Rebecca Klein, and in one last ditch effort to have someone carry on the Moore name, they happily welcomed their only baby boy, Thomas South, this summer.

The Arkansas-based country star never fretted about being outnumbered by the girls in his family, but he may not have realized what he was really in for until recently. Or maybe he doesn’t see it, but we did, and it’s precious.

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Unbeknownst to Kennedy and Klein, Justin captured a bit of video of the pair having a little girl talk while they snacked on chips. From what we can make out, they were deep in the throes of a game of pretend, since Klein sounds like she’s talking about taking her kids to Hawaii. Precious Kennedy, all bowed up in pink, tells her, “No, it’s on Monday.” As they discuss whether this trip to the islands will take place on Monday or Friday, little Klein feigns exasperation and, with an eye roll and sigh that would garner the respect of any teenager, says, “My kids want to go today.”

Kennedy diplomatically sympathizes, saying, “You can’t because you have church, but you can go after church.”

Evidently, that’s when Daddy got busted for rolling video on his daughters’ private conversation. He writes, “Apparently, Ken and Klein are planning a trip to Hawaii … LOL. Love catching them without them knowing. BTW, this conversation is ongoing. Ken found out I videoed it. Her response: ‘You’re not gonna post that!’ She just turned 6. Shaking my head. LOL.”

Oh yeah, he did!

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Justin and Kate could very well be taking their family to Hawaii for the holidays. We don’t know what sparked his daughters’ imaginations. He’s off the road  for now, and then he rolls out the 2018 leg of his “Hell On a Highway” headlining tour in January with opener Dylan Scott.

While we hope that Justin gets in plenty of guy talk back out on the road with Dylan, there’s likely going to be a truckload of baby talk, too. Dylan and his wife, Blair, are expecting their first little one, a boy, any day now!

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