All you single ladies, listen up. Jessie James Decker is dishing her tips on love, and she’s got some really solid advice.

After all, Jessie married NFL hunk Eric Decker, and you can tell from her Instagram posts these two are deep in love. This connection didn’t just happen randomly, though.

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During a recent concert appearance, Jessie opened up about her desire to find her soul mate after going through a bad breakup when she was just 20 years old. Though most folks would say that’s a little young to be thinking about forever, Jessie knew she wasn’t meant to just go wild in her 20s.

She tells the crowd, “I hate it when people are like, ‘Oh, you’re still young. You’ve got plenty of time.’ That doesn’t matter. I want it now. I remember being that 20-year-old girl knowing I wasn’t meant to date a bunch of people, and I wasn’t meant to sow my oats. I wanted to find my soul mate, cause I knew he was out there.”

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That breakup really affected Jessie deeply, too. The guy she was seeing would put her down all the time, and she just knew in her heart this relationship was not meant to be. While she was mourning the end of that romance, Jessie decided to write a letter to God and get specific about everything she wanted in her soul mate.

She continues, “If you read it today, I promise you, you would say, ‘You wrote that after you met Eric. I don’t believe you!’ I promise you. It’s like I knew Eric was out there waiting for me. I knew it. I felt it. So, I wrote this letter to God. I was specific. I said he was athletic. He was dark. He was hairy. All those things that I wanted in a man. [Eric] is so hairy. Y’all, I love it.”

Two years after she wrote that letter to God, Jessie met Eric, and they have gone on to have two beautiful children.

“I can promise you right now, I’m so madly in love with this man,” Jessie says. “And I still am. He’s so good to me, sometimes I think, ‘Do I deserve this?’ This is where I take that moment, and I say, ‘You deserve this.’ Every one of you girls, you deserve to be treated like gold. If he’s not treating you right, you let him go and wait for the right one to come along.”

That’s some solid advice, Jessie. Thank you for sharing it!

Check out the title track from Jessie’s latest album, “Gold.” It’s not hard to figure out where she found the inspiration for this one.

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