This country star mama is taking some much needed “me” time Instagram/@hillaryscottla

We seriously don’t know how mama Hillary Scott does it.

Already a mother to four-year-old Eisele and expectant mom to twin baby girls, the leading lady of Lady Antebellum somehow finds the time to be mom, wife, daughter and country superstar — and do it all with a smile.

But every now and again, even the biggest stars like Hills just need to unplug and take a breather.

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Hillary shared a sweet and real moment on her Instagram—a picture of her sound asleep on a cozy window seat at home, taking a much needed nap in the middle of the day.

“How does today look for an expectant twin mom and mom to a four year old after a long day yesterday and big night last night? This …,” she captioned the shot.

And that’s when Hillary dropped some truth on her followers.

“Real talk. My stamina is STRUGGLING today (and so what maybe I’ve cried a few tears about it today, too). And as I lay here thinking of a ZILLION things I could be doing before an event tonight (shower, laundry, packing for the next trip), I’m forcing myself to just BE.”

She goes on to give the most important bit of wisdom all moms—and all of us—really need to hear.

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“Knowing when to slow down, even for an hour, expectant mom or not, is important for our overall health as people,” she wrote. “All of us need to take rest when we can get it, and today mine is on a Thursday from 2-3 p.m.”

Good for you, Hillary.

No matter how deep or personal her story gets, Hillary is always willing to share it with her fans and followers, and that’s just one of the things we love about her. Keep it up, mama, you are an inspiration for us all.

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