This country star has a hot girl in his video and his girlfriend is totally OK with it YouTube screenshot/Michael Ray
YouTube screenshot/Michael Ray

Michael Ray co-stars with a drop-dead gorgeous model in his sexy, sun-drenched new video for “Think a Little Less,” so you’d think he’d have to clear it with his girlfriend, Carly, before the shoot.

When you watch the clip closely you’ll notice Michael didn’t need to clear anything with Carly at all, though. Michael and his hot co-star, Lexi, never actually appear together on screen.

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Michael tells Rare Country, “We’re both shooting scenes, but we’re not together. I kind of like that mystery, and it was way different than any video I’ve ever shot.”

Shooting this video caused Michael to really stretch himself as an actor, though. He has to make you believe he’s looking into the eyes of a really beautiful girl.

Says Michael, “When I roll over, I don’t see a blonde model. I see a dude holding a camera. So, in my mind, I go, ‘Bearded guy holding a camera, I’ve got to make you see a blonde model.’ I got to tap into some acting, and I got to show a different side that nobody’s seen.”

Since they shot those scenes separately, Michael gets to have a beautiful girl in his video while also keeping things smooth with girlfiend Carly.

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He says with a smile, “That was a big selling point of the video. Keeping me out of trouble at home is good.”

“Think a Little Less” is the latest single from Michael Ray’s self-titled debut album, available now.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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