This country star dad once again raises the parenting bar for all the fathers out there Instagram/@jakeowenofficial

Oh, these are the moments?and country star dad Jake Owen is soaking up every single one of them.

The ?I Was Jack (You Were Diane)? singer recently took a bit of time off from his music business to play his favorite role: doting dad.

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His 5-year-old daughter Pearl and her classmates were celebrating “Daddy Daughter Donut Day” at her school, so what does Jake do? He hops on a plane and heads to Florida, where Pearl lives with her mom, because nothing will keep him for making sweet memories with his baby girl.

Fortunately, Jake posted photos of their day together, and our hearts are just melting ?

?I spent this morning taking my little girl to school because it was daddy daughter donut day,” he captioned a precious Instagram photo. “It was pretty awesome looking around at all the other dads being dads. She reminded me I?m 24 years old, and also reminded me to cherish this time in a woman?s life when they don?t care if they have chocolate frosting all over their face.”

Jake, of course, if 36 years old, but if Pearl thinks he’s 24, we’re certainly not going to quibble with her viewpoint!

And ladies, let?s take some notes, because he’s got a point: life is short, go all in for chocolate frosting.

Jake is doing such an amazing job balancing life and work as a single dad, and the fans agree. They?re encouraging him and cheering him on as much as we are, as evidenced by the sweet comments on his post.

?You will both look back on these special doughnut dates and cherish the memories even more so down the road. Cheers to being a great dad!? one fan wrote.


?Oh wow, Jake, she is so adorable, such a mini you. You are doing an amazing job with being a dad first and an artist, keep doing what you?re doing and don?t let anyone tell you different,? another wrote. What an encouraging message!

?Some of us don?t outgrow the chocolate frosting phase! Totally worth it,? said another. We totally agree with this sentiment.


Pearl loves her daddy, and is a daddy?s girl. She joins him on the road when she can, but loves nothing more than being at home with him, too.

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Look at these two. Now that?s living your best life, isn?t it? This is what it?s all about.

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