This country star and his son get some serious bonding done during story time Instagram/@shaymooney

Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney is gearing up to celebrate his first Father’s Day since the arrival of his baby boy, Asher James, in January. When he’s home from the road, Shay spends as much time as he can bonding with the little one.

He tells Rare Country, “When I’m home and feeding him a bottle, that’s kind of that moment where it’s just him and I, and I can sit there.”

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Shay and Asher also bond over story time, which really gets the baby boy excited.

“It’s amazing. I lay down on the floor with him and I read him books,” Shay says. “It really is fun. He’s very attentive, and he loves when certain parts of the story — he’s so vocal. He’s like, ‘Woah!’ Freaks out about it.”

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Asher’s favorite story is the childhood classic, “Are You My Mother?” Judging from how he goes on and on about the book, Shay is a huge fan of that one, too.

“It’s amazing,” Shay says of the children’s classic. “This baby bird falls out of a nest, and the mom is going to get him food. He comes out of the egg, and he’s like, ‘Where’s my mom?’ He’s walking around to this dog, and he’s like ‘Are you my mother?’ And Asher will be like, ‘Ahhh!!!’ So, it’s pretty funny. It’s a great book. I’d recommend it for, really, anyone. It’s a great read. It’s only, like, seven pages. It’s digestible. It’s a riveting story. Great storyline.”

At this point, Shay’s duo partner, Dan Smyers, chimes in with a hilarious review of “Are You My Mother?” comparing the story to a Florida Georgia Line hit. He says, “It’s the ‘Cruise’ of children’s books. A smash.”

Shay jokes that he’s looking forward to improving his own reading skills, along with Asher’s.

“I need practice reading a lot,” Shay says with a laugh. “So, really, it’s like going back to school for me, which is really nice. I’m excited about him getting older and going in to school. I feel like I could definitely use another crack at it. Maybe I could help him with his homework. It couldn’t hurt for me to go through that one more time, because I don’t think I really nailed it the first time.”

Even though he wasn’t a stellar student, Shay is doing just fine with his career as a country star. Dan + Shay are enjoying another smash hit with “How Not To,” the latest single from their album, “Obsessed,” out now.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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