We often hear about all of the body changes that pregnant women have to get used to, but we don’t talk as much about how those changes affect their partners, who often suffer in silence. But not Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard. He’s speaking up about wife Hayley’s pregnancy and exactly how it has altered his life.

In an Instagram post, Tyler shared a screenshot that seems to have come from a pregnancy app. The information it shares is about sleeping while pregnant and the pains women have to go through to find a comfortable position. Apparently, though, Hayley has found a way to make sure she gets enough shut eye.

She steals Tyler’s pillow.

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He captions the lengthy post, “The last sentence should say ‘Feel free to steal [your] husband’s pillow as soon as her reaches his deep sleep REM cycle,’ because clearly you need eight pillows when pregnant. #pregnantproblems.”

Of course, the sleep-deprived country star is only teasing his beautiful bride, who will deliver their firstborn in December. For now, the couple is enjoying a little beach time where, according to another post, T-Hubs says they are eating, swimming and sleeping … and that’s about it.

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Tyler and FGL partner Brian Kelley are back on the road July 7 at Boston’s Fenway Park for the “Smooth Tour 2017.”

This country star and his pregnant wife are facing a nightly struggle Instagram/@thubbmusic
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