This country singer shares her real feelings on President Trump’s style AP Photo/Alex Brandon
President Donald Trump salutes as he steps off Air Force One as he arrives at the Palm Beach International Airport, Thursday, April 13, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Natalie Maines isn’t feeling this look from President Trump.

The Dixie Chicks’ leading lady has been very vocal in the past about her disapproval of our current leader. In her latest Instagram post, she takes on not his political choices and decisions, but his fashion sense …

… and a particular tie situation.

She posted a photo of Trump where the wind has blown his hair and his tie back over his shoulder, exposing what appears to be double-sided tape (or Scotch tape folded over) on the back to help it adhere to his dress shirt.

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Rich mans tie tack I guess?

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“Rich mans tie tack I guess?” she captioned the photo, obviously poking fun of the fact that the president boasts of his wealth, but apparently doesn’t use a common tie tack.

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Fans on her page were in agreement with her on this one with comments like, “I wish the wind would just pick him up and blow him away … far, far away … like Siberia.”


Another posted, “The man is falling apart.” But the cheekiest comment might just be, “Is he pooping in the wind again?”

Well, at least there are jokes.

We’ve noticed that Natalie’s page has been quiet on the political front as of late.

Instead, she’s been posting puppy pics—lots of them—and we are not gonna complain about that one bit!

Look at these two darlings!

“Here’s the Viewpoint Patriots cheering squard. They’re more of a distraction than a support, but they’re always cute. #SweetT and #Hector #fostertoadopt,” she wrote.


So apparently, she’s fostering these pups, but the real question here was posed by one fan who asked, “How are you ever going to let them go?”

This is a very good question.

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And they’ve been snuggled up watching the Olympics together, too.

“These guys are really excited Shaun White won the gold,” Natalie caption another photo. “No, they really are. #poopedpups #SweetT #Hector #King #Olympics”

Goodness gracious.

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