This country music tot discovered eyeliner is good for more than just eyes Instagram/@roryandjoey

It’s almost a rite of passage. Little girls go from watching their mommies, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers apply makeup, then try their hand at it themselves — often well before the age of understanding and usually with disastrous results. We’ve seen blue eyeshadow brushed into the hairline and red lips that rivaled Bozo the clown, but we’ve never quite seen a makeup job like Indiana Feek just demonstrated.

Dad Rory Feek shared a series of images on his Instagram page and we can’t help but laugh. A lot. The toddler, beaming at her father and obviously proud of her handiwork, is covered in eyeliner.

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No, not a few lines. Covered. From chin to forehead, and you can barely see her eyes and mouth.

And it is hilarious!

Wearing a shirt that boasts “Santa’s Little Helper,” which we might question now, Indy, who will be 4-years-old in February, was even caught by Rory mid-stroke with the eyeliner pencil at one point. He captions the collection of pictures: “This is called face liner, and I think it goes on like this.”

Obviously, Rory was more amused than upset by Indy’s stunt, but we’d love to know how much time she spent in the bathtub as he tried to scrub that liner off.


Rory has been mostly quiet on his “This Life I Love” blog lately, but in October he did announce that he would once again open the doors of the big red performance barn on the property he shared with his late wife, Joey, who is Indy’s mom. He began with a series of Christmas shows on two weekends in December, where he was set to perform songs from the Joey+Rory holiday album, “A Farmhouse Christmas.”

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In that blog, Rory also said that his initial return to the stage in a benefit for Music Health Alliance was a major step for him.


“I have had some time to think and pray and talk with family about it, and I am ready to open the doors of the barn up wide and let some light in,” he wrote. “To do more of what I’m supposed to be doing. More of what Joey would want me to do.”

While Rory has not announced any further plans for performing or recording, we are hopeful that we will hear more of his voice in 2018. And perhaps his baby girl, Indy, will even join him.

After a very, very long bath.

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