Garth Brooks shared the moment of a lifetime with his daughter, August, at her wedding a few weeks back.

When it came time for Garth to dance with his daughter at the reception, she surprised him by playing a song from the “Goofy” movie, “Nobody Else but You.” It has special meaning for the two of them.

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Garth explains on his Facebook show “Live from Studio G,” “We watched this movie together as 3-year-old baby and dad … 4-year-old, 5-year-old. We watched it when she was in high school. When it came on [at the wedding], I thought, you couldn’t have picked a better song for me. Enjoyed every second of the dance.”

After that, Garth surprised August by having them play a second song for them to dance to — his wife Trisha Yearwood’s hit, “How Do I Live.”

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The biggest surprise of all was Garth’s emotional state during the dance. As he revealed on “Studio G,” Garth started to tear up, but the waterworks didn’t flow in the moment.

Garth says, “I was the stone guy. It was awesome. Everyone else was crying their eyes out. Not the G-man. My wife said, ‘I can’t believe this.’ It was fabulous.”

As for August’s new husband, Garth says he’s already like a member of the family.

“The boy that we got in the deal is like one of my sons. Love this kid to death. We’re lucky to have him in the family,” Garth adds, “I told her husband this … ‘here’s to forever with you and your babies.'”

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