In his latest hit single, Brett Eldredge sings “Somethin’ I’m Good At,” celebrating his ability to make a girl smile, but he’s expanded on his hidden (and not so hidden) talents in a funny video clip promoting the “CMA Fest” TV special that finds the Illinois native revealing some surprising accomplishments.

Obviously singing and songwriting make his list. After all, as Brett says, “Singing is my job. I guess I have to be good at that.”

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But did you know he has also perfected the one-hand clap? It has to be seen to be believed. And he just may be the only person to possess that particular talent.

Among the other things he’s good at, you’ve got to love a guy who mentions eating twice in a list of 10 things! He breaks them out separately: There’s eating, and then there’s eating “fro-yo.”

He smiles a big, somewhat proud smile when he mentions being a dog dad as one of the things he’s particularly good at. And we’re sure his beloved pup, Edgar Boogie, would agree. After all, he did hold a first birthday party for Instagram star Edgar in May, complete with cupcakes, candles, balloons and, of course, singing!

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Several manly activities made the countdown as Bret lists fishing, boating and long distance running among his talents, but perhaps one of his most treasured traits is spontaneity. “I’m good at spontaneity, a spontaneous lifestyle,” he shares with a grin.

“CMA Fest” airs Aug. 16 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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