This country duo has a pretty cool connection to the late Johnny Cash Thompson Square, AP
Thompson Square, AP

There have been lots of great throwback photos out on Instagram in the past couple of weeks, but this one from Thompson Square might top them all.

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It’s not every day you have a throwback photo with Johnny Cash!

The duo’s Keifer Thomoson posted this amazing photo of his father, Darien Thompson, with the late “Man In Black,” and we can’t get over it.

“How’s this for a throwback? Johnny Cash and my dad in El Paso, Texas, backstage after playing for the Army. Classic,” he captioned the post.

Classic indeed. Look how young they both were!

You know, there’s something about Keifer that has always reminded of us Johnny. It makes sense now knowing that his father had a connection to the icon.


Keifer once told that Johnny ranks at the top of his list of country influences.

“I can’t tell you how many Johnny Cash songs I sang over the years. That’s what I grew up on,” he said.

Keifer went on to describe the photo of Johnny and his father from the 1950s to as one of his “most cherished pictures.”

And he and his wife and singing partner, Shawna Thompson, love to cover Johnny and June Carter Cash’s classic “Jackson” in their shows. They told a story in the interview of watching Johnny and June on their tour bus one night, as the iconic couple performed on a TV special.

“I just started bawling,” Shawna said. “I can see myself and Keifer [in the future] watching Johnny and June because you can see the love, you know?”

Keifer added, “They were absolutely in love. They were each other’s breath. That’s how Shawna and I are. It’s really cool to be able to look at those people and see there are other ones out there that feel like we do.”

And to think, it all likely started with this picture: Keifer’s dad meets Johnny, who then becomes a staple in the Thompson household. Keifer grows up idolizing Cash and then, like magic, he finds his own June.

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Now, that’s a love story for the ages!

Here’s a video of Thompson Square tearing up “Jackson” together. We think Johnny and June would have been proud!

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