Truth be told, we’ve never seen a bad picture of Jana Kramer. The actress and singer isn’t just talented, she’s absolutely gorgeous. But in a recent photo she shared on her Instagram page, we can see what takes her to the next level.

It’s her daughter, Jolie.

The pair attended a cousin’s wedding recently, and while we can’t tell if Jana was a bridesmaid or simply coaxing her toddler, the flower girl, down the aisle, what we can tell is that Jana is absolutely glowing with love. But Jana isn’t the only one lit up.

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There, crouched by the seats and helping to celebrate the couple’s nuptials and snapping pictures of his daughter, is Jolie’s daddy, Michael Caussin. Jana and the now-retired NFL player separated last year, when Jolie was seven months old, and Michael subsequently entered rehab.

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Of course, fans of both Jana and Michael … and probably Jolie, too … noticed his presence and his broad smile, and the show of support from both of Jolie’s parents is so heartwarming.

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Fan @jackie_guillermo comented, “Is that proud dad in the background ?!! Great to see y’all … raising your child in a environment that has both very involved !! Kudos to both of y’all @kramergirl.” And @sarabellum89 said, “Jolie is beyond adorable!!! Whether you two are working things out relationship-wise or not, I’m loving spotting daddy in the background in awe of his baby girl. If all you two do is co-parent to give Jolie the best you got then that is amazing. If it’s mommy and daddy happily together again, then that’s great too. She deserves moments like this with both her parents present, I love it! 💕”

Cutest flower girl I've ever seen !!! @melannephotography #cousinswedding #mygirl

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No official statement has been made regarding Jana and Michael’s relationship, and it’s obviously not even necessary. The pair appears to be doing a beautiful job of co-parenting their baby girl. And as far as anything else, well, we’ll just let them do them and, like their fans, won’t assume anything. But we do wish them both love and happiness no matter what.

Oh, and congratulations to Jana’s cousin, Eric!

This breathtaking pic of Jana Kramer has all of her fans talking Instagram/@KramerGirl
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