This beloved country duo just crossed a really big item off their career bucket list Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Well, this is a Kleenex moment if we?ve ever seen one.

Brace yourselves for this post by the Brothers Osborne.

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The Maryland-born sibling duo has had an explosive few years on the charts and in the hearts of country fans everywhere. From the release of their debut album, ?Pawn Shop,? to scoring their first No. 1 hit with ?Stay A Little Longer? to securing their second consecutive CMA Award for Duo of the Year in 2017, both John and TJ Osborne have felt their lives change in the most amazing ways.

And although it seems somewhat sudden, and maybe even ?overnight? to many, it was anything but. These boys have been hustling and pounding the pavement in Nashville for years, working a myriad of jobs in that time to makes ends meet, including waiting tables at events for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

But not anymore?not today. No, today these boys are officially in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum as part of its new “American Currents” exhibit, which highlights the rising stars and next generation of country legends alongside the icons of the past.

Two of John and TJ?s guitars, along with a few of their badass stage jackets, are featured behind the glass, right next to a few treasures from one of their best friends, Maren Morris.

The guys recently got to tour the exhibit and were overwhelmed with emotions, sharing in a post: ?Last night we were added to the ‘American Currents’ exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame (next to our sister from another mister, Maren Morris). Words can?t possibly describe the gratitude and honor that we feel. We were once employees of the [museum], waiting tables for events like the ones we attended last night, dreaming of the day we could get the chance to make a living in music let alone get to be a part of an exhibit. We thank our lucky stars every damn day.?


Gosh, what an amazing full circle moment. It just makes you want to cry!  You can see the emotion in these photos.


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The guys just wrapped production on their sophomore album, ?Port Saint Joe,? due out April 20, and are currently out with Dierks Bentley?s ?Mountain High Tour.?

We couldn?t be happier for these talented guys! They deserve it all!

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