Jake Owen shares adorable throwback thursday picture on Instagram Instagram/@JakeOwenOfficial

Well, this is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen all week.

Jake Owen joined in on throwback Thursday Feb. 1 by gifting us with one of the most adorable childhood pics we’ve seen in a long time.

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Although his hair is a little blonder (probably from the Florida sun), one look at those eyes and that mischievous little smile and you know instantly: yep, that’s ol’ Jake. Or should we say little Jake?

“This was a few Thursdays ago when I was poppin’ collars … #throwbackthursday #nofrontteeth,” he captioned the shot.

Guys, we can’t even. He literally is poppin’ his shirt collar. Have mercy, he hasn’t really changed a bit!

The fans and followers were eating it up, too.

“Aaaaaaaaw, you hardly changed at all,” wrote one.

This is true … we concur.

Another sweet comment: “Those teeth though!!! Gorgeous still!!!”

Well, there was a lack of teeth at that moment in his life for sure, but that is what makes this photo so priceless. These days he has a megawatt smile fit for a toothpaste commercial.

But this fan’s observation is undeniable: “Pearl looks just like you! Sooo cute!”

Guys, she does. His 5-year-old daughter, sweet little Pearl, is the spitting image of her daddy. If you’d never seen the resemblance before, take a good long look at this photo. She is a daddy’s girl, through and through.

“Happy New Year, y’all. My little one starts kindergarten this year. I start my 13th year of touring. I have so much to be thankful for and I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be one of the best years yet,” Jake wrote in the post.


Where has the time gone? Pearl is starting kindergarten? Goodness gracious.

It’s sweet to look at that photo of Jake as a little boy and think about his journey to Nashville. You can’t help but wonder if he had any idea which direction his life would take: from a little boy in Vero Beach, Florida, who loved to golf to one of country music’s favorite stars … who still loves golf.

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What a journey, and it all started with this toothy little grin.


In case you missed it, Jake recently released a greatest hits album, a collection of 13 songs, including hits like “Eight Second Ride,” “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” “Alone With You,” and “The One That Got Away,” plus two brand-new songs, “Subliminal Love” and “Long As You’re In It,” both of which he had a hand in writing.

Jake heads down to his native Florida for a show in West Palm Beach on March 3.

Given that groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on the ground today (Feb. 2), we think a road trip somewhere sunny just might be in order.

See you on the road, Jake!

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