Every region of the country has its own dialect. In the north and midwest, carbonated beverages are generally referred to as soda, pop or soda pop, and across the south, the word “Coke” is used as a generic term for soft drinks. You get it.

Sometimes smaller communities or families have their own slang, and they use it so casually and frequently they don’t realize that the rest of the world doesn’t know what the heck they’re talking about.

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Thank goodness hot country band Parmalee is helping us out with a video primer explaining what some of the words and phrases mean in the North Carolina town they took their name from (Parmele). And this crazy quartet of country boys has us rolling on the floor with both their hilarious down-home expressions and their wacky definitions. At the same time, we’re adding some of these terms to our own personal dictionary.

You know, like “fart hammer.” We can all use this one.

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And speaking of things we can all use, anyone else like a nice “cow tongue?”

We all know him and we all tolerate him—the “bank walker.”

Monster thanks to Matt, Scott, Barry, and Josh for the great vocabulary lesson. Now, we have scoot. Some of us want to mildew and others are getting ready to BBQ.

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